Steve was brought up in Northumberland and educated at St John’s College, Cambridge, where he read Classics. It was during his student days that Steve became interested in the animal as an athlete – the racehorse and then, soon afterwards, the greyhound. Early experiences of betting on racehorses, however, were largely unsuccessful. Fascinated by speed and its accurate assessment in horseracing, Steve spent countless hours trying to formulate a time method that worked for horses. Split Second of the long-defunct Sporting Chronicle and later of the Raceform Handicap Book was an early hero! Meanwhile, Steve began working in racing stables, mainly as an equine physiotherapist, treating muscle injuries with Magnetopulse magnetic field therapy.

As Steve’s interest in the racing greyhound grew, he became a regular at Brough Park greyhound track in Newcastle, where he learned the basics of betting on the dogs. It soon became apparent to Steve that the racing greyhound was a much more consistent and reliable betting medium than the racehorse, and he began to focus his time and efforts on understanding exactly how greyhound form worked. He has spent the last ten years isolating the factors that really matter in greyhound performance. His Greyhound Income Builder method is the culmination of this research.

Steve has always loved the greyhound, not just as a supreme athlete but as a wonderful and lovable pet too. Over the years he has had three retired racing dogs as pets: Emma (racing name Lisquinlan Rose) and Paddy (Jubilee Ronnie) were both trained by Gordon Rooks at Brough Park. His current greyhound is Betsy (Oopys Daisy), who has recently retired from Jim Daly’s kennels in Norfolk. In 2006 Steve ran the Royal Parks half marathon in London to raise funds for the Retired Greyhound Trust. One morning a week he works at a rehoming kennels for retired greyhounds.

Steve now works as an equine chiropractor, with a practice stretching from London to North Norfolk. But he spends much of his free time with his privately compiled greyhound form books, searching out betting opportunities. Steve has written five books: A Dick Francis Companion (McFarland 2008); Greyhound Racing: Make It Pay (High Stakes Publishing 2009); Rosie’s Pictures (2012; a novel for 8-13 year olds, about Carlo, an autistic boy who can communicate with horses; available as an eBook from Amazon Kindle); Greyhound Racing Systems (2013; available from; and Picking Winners on Looks (2016; available from

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I’ve been writing this blog since 2011, and have greatly enjoyed doing it. This is the final submission

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