Focus on Swindon (2)

With twenty eight tracks racing under Greyhound Board of Great Britain rules, and around a dozen grades at each track, as well as a full schedule of Open Races taking place almost every day of the year, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of greyhound racing. As a result, you may find yourself losing sight of what really matters – the greyhounds themselves. Behind each trap number or name on the betting shop’s wall display is an animal with its own character, preferences, strengths and weaknesses. From a betting viewpoint, the more that the punter knows about the idiosyncracies of individual greyhounds the better.

For this particular punter, the best way to cope with the volume of racing is to reduce it to manageable proportions by specialisation. My approach is to try to know as much as possible about the dogs I bet on. Then, if I have a losing bet, it’s more likely to be due to an error of judgement rather than inadequate preparation.

Swindon is one of the tracks that I like to bet at, and I’m interested in the greyhounds that run in A3. I’ve chosen three greyhounds to write about as examples of the kind of information that I like to have to hand when I’m analysing a race.

Shancol Jay (Trainer: P.T. Maynard)

Shancol Jay is a black April 2013 dog by Black Shaw. At 35 kilos he has the physique to hold his own in a barging match from the middle boxes, though it’s not yet entirely clear what his best line will be. In his last five races he’s twice run rails to middle from Trap 3, and middle three times from Traps 3 and 4. It looks likely that Traps 3 or 4 will suit him best. His trapping is still a work in progress; so far his sectional times have varied between slow to moderate (2.55 – 2.60 seconds) and average to good (2.48 – 2.41seconds). As he is still only nineteen months old, I’m hopeful that he can add consistency to this aspect of his game in due course.

As regards Shancol Jay’s finishing times, they have shown a satisfactory upward curve as he has gained experience and are currently hitting the standard for an A3 winner, which I consider to be 29.38 seconds. Timewise he took a big step forward when winning his first A3 on 18th February, improving from a previous best of 29.63 to 29.39. An upgrade to A2 on his next outing proved a step too far at that stage, one of his slower starts getting him into all sorts of trouble at the first bend. Last time out, again in A2, he showed middle pace to lead at the third bend, but crowded and was left behind by the wide running Corrin Jimbob. He finished second, six lengths behind the winner. It was promising run, and it may have been significant that his price (7/2) was a lot shorter than on his first A2 run.

It remains to be seen whether the grader will keep Shancol Jay in A2. I suspect he will, given the dog’s potential. But if dropped back to A3, and with a decent break, he has the early speed to lead on the run up and repel all challenges.

On The Case (Trainer: Q.P. Bevan)

On The Case is a January 2013 black bitch by Forest Master, a young stud dog standing in County Kildare who is starting to make a name for himself. She made her Swindon debut on 23rd January when starting 7/4 favourite for an A5. Slowly away from Trap 3, On The Case showed useful middle pace to take up the running at the third bend and ran on strongly to win by 4½ lengths in 29.44 seconds, a good time for the grade. The grader was suitably impressed, and when she next appeared it was in an A3.

It’s asking a lot of a young, inexperienced bitch to take a two grade hike in her stride, and at first On The Case struggled to make her mark in A3. On her next four runs she didn’t finish within four lengths of the winner. Part of the problem was her moderate trapping, with her best sectional being 2.49. She needed to get competitive a bit earlier in the race and avoid trouble in order to utilise fully her strength in the later stages. The bookies, though, were taking no chances with her. In those four races she started no longer than 5/2.

On The Case’s most recent run was on 27th February, and it was a real improvement on her A3 form so far. Challenging the eventual winner, Global Alice, from the third bend, On The Case kept on well to be second, beaten half a length, in 29.31, a time which compares favourably with my standard for the grade. On that showing, On The Case is a good bet to break her A3 duck in the near future.

Offshore Cruise (Trainer: P.V. Swadden)

Unlike young, improving greyhounds Shancol Jay and On The Case, my third dog is a stalwart of Swindon’s A3 grade. Offshore Cruise, a February 2011 brindle by Hondo Black, isn’t quite at the veteran stage yet, but with around 130 races on his card, he has nothing more to learn about running this track. Greyhounds like Offshore Cruise are the mainstay of graded racing – tough, genuine, making the most of their ability and a credit to their trainers. I’ve followed this dog through most of its career, and I’ve been impressed with his consistency when at the peak of his form cycle. Most dogs, when they run into form, will maintain it for a period of perhaps three to six weeks. Then, for a variety of reasons, they will decline from that peak and perform at a lower level.

Offshore Cruise’s form has been subject to these same peaks and troughs. But when he is on song he has shown himself capable of remaining competitive for a prolonged period. In 2014, when he was running in A2, he held on to his form from late March until mid-July, winning eight times from twenty-one starts. More recently, as age has started to catch up with him, he has been plying his trade in A3, but with admirable consistency. Since the turn of the year he has won four times in eleven outings, finishing second twice and third twice. He is, admittedly, a bit hit and miss at the traps, and a quick getaway is fairly crucial to his chances. A wide runner, he tends to win by leading early.

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