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The original site at Nevill Road, Hove, was developed in 1928 by the Greyhound Racing Association (Brighton) Ltd, and greyhound racing has continued at the venue ever since. The first major event to be run there was the Regency Produce Stakes, which began in 1948. Originally a four-bend event, since 1966 it has been run almost exclusively over six bends (now 695 metres). In 2017 it was won by Tyrap Dragi, a black dog by Head Bound, trained by Hove handler Jason Heath.

The 1970’s were a significant decade for greyhound racing at Hove. Three important competitions were added to the racing schedule, and there was a change of ownership of the track. First run in 1972, the Sussex Cup has proved a popular four-bend event (over 515 metres), the latest winner being Shaneboy Freddie, a brindle son of Oaks Road, from the kennel of Yarmouth trainer Kevin Boon. A similar event for bitches only, the Brighton Belle, was inaugurated in 1975; in 2017 the final was won by 5/4 favourite Away Shelley (by Droopys Jet), trained by Matt Dartnall.

In 1976 the Coral Leisure Group bought Hove Stadium (and Romford too). Three years later the management brought back the Olympic, a four-bend competition that had started out at Wandsworth Stadium in 1947, and then moved to Charlton Stadium when Wandsworth closed in 1966. On the demise of Charlton in 1971 the Olympic was discontinued until revived at Hove. The race’s most famous winner by far was Brighton trainer George Curtis’s phenomenal greyhound Ballyregan Bob, who took the prize in1985. Despite missing the break and being five lengths behind the front-running House Hunter down the back straight, he got up to win comfortably, a typically brilliant effort from a staying greyhound who was campaigned over six bends from then on. Ballyregan Bob went on to win a world record 32 consecutive races.

Hove has a track circumference of 455 metres, with a run to the first bend of 105 metres. Races are run over 285m, 475m, 515m, and 695m. In Julia Barnes’ book, ‘Charlie Lister on Greyhounds’, she quotes the trainer’s opinion of Hove: ‘This is a very good track….They keep the surface in top-class condition. It is the type of track where you can take a dog without trialling him first. A dog can come from behind as long as it has a bit of pace and stays.’

Here are my standard times for Hove:

‘A’ GRADES: 515m

A11: 31.21

A10: 30.97

A9: 30.85

A8: 30.72

A7: 30.65

A6: 30.52

A5: 30.51

A4: 30.40


A2: 30.16 (incomplete data)

A1: 30.11 (incomplete data)

Standard times for A6 and A5 are virtually identical, which gives the average upgraded A6 runner an outstanding chance of following up in the higher grade. A8 winners, while having a slightly more difficult task when upgraded, are nevertheless worth a close look. Greyhounds successful in the bottom grade, though, would need to find, on average, an improvement of three lengths to make their presence felt in A10, the next rung up the ladder.

‘D’ GRADES: 285m

D3: 16.82 (incomplete data)

D2: 16.68

D1: 16.44

There’s a significant difference in the speed of dogs competing in D1 grade as compared with D2 runners. I’d want to see an upgraded D2 dog record a winning time much faster than the average before considering it a possible winner in D1.

‘S’ GRADE: 695m

S2: rarely used


285m: 16.40 (incomplete data)

475m: 27.69 (incomplete data)

515m: 30.07

695m: 41.78 (incomplete data)

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