Focus on Newcastle

The stadium, known until 2007 as Brough Park, was built in 1927 in the Walker area of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Kennelling was also provided, ample enough to house, in later years, runners at both Brough Park and Gosforth, to the north of the city. For the spectators there were two stands, one on the home straight and another on the back stretch.

In 1938 the track’s most prestigious race, the All England Cup, was inaugurated. It was immediately popular with southern trainers because of the good prize money on offer. In 1946 the competition attracted four dogs who had each won a Derby: Monday’s News (English Derby); Lilac’s Luck (Irish Derby); Latin Pearl (Scottish Derby); and Negro’s Lad (Welsh Derby). Only two of them reached the final, which was won by Monday’s News, who beat Latin Pearl by a neck.

Originally owned by the Greyhound Racing Association, in 1964 the track was bought by Totalisator and Greyhound Holdings, a company which also owned the tracks at Crayford, Gosforth and Leeds. The best greyhound of the 1960’s to be associated with Brough Park was the Norman Oliver-trained Shady Begonia, a white and brindle son of Pigalle Wonder. Shady Begonia was a finalist in the 1968 Derby and Cesarewitch, and won the St Leger and TV Trophy. The previous year Oliver had won the Scottish Derby with Hi Ho Silver. He also trained Ramdeen Stuart to win the 1972 St Leger and the 1973 Gold Collar. In that year Oliver was voted Greyhound Trainer of the Year.

Ten years after TGH’s purchase of Brough Park, the company was taken over by Ladbrokes. The bookmaking firm refurbished Brough Park stadium and added a new restaurant.

In 1977 Newcastle was the first track to host a new national competition, the Trainers’ Championship, which sought to identify the best trainers in the country. On that occasion it ended in a tie between Natalie Savva and Geoff De Mulder. Three years later the racing surface at Brough Park was changed from grass to sand.

1983 was the final year of Ladbrokes’ involvement with the track. It was sold to Glasseden Greyhounds Ltd, a company owned by the father of Scottish trainer Jane Glass, who won the All England Cup in 1986 with Lavally Oak. Meanwhile the track’s kennels had been sold off for redevelopment as a retail park.

In 1985 former general manager Kevin Wilde put together a management team to lease the track. Further improvements to facilities were made, and in 1986 the BBC TV Trophy was held at Brough Park. Regular racegoers had the privilege of seeing the great Scurlogue Champ win the 825 metre contest by three lengths from Sneaky Liberty. Local trainer Gordon Rooks won the 1994 TV Trophy, held on that occasion at Sunderland, with Jubilee Rebecca.

The track at Sunderland was bought by bookmakers William Hill in 2002, and the following year they also bought Brough Park. Much upgrading was undertaken, and in 2007 Brough Park was renamed Newcastle. The TV Trophy was held at Newcastle in 2009, and was won by Midway Skipper (by Top Honcho), trained by Henlow handler Henry Chalkley. Midway Skipper also won the Trophy in 2010 when run at Kinsley.

In 2017 William Hill sold both Sunderland and Newcastle tracks to Arena Racing Company. In the same year The Laurels, a prestigious four-bend competition previously run at Wimbledon from 1930 until 1987, and then at Belle Vue, moved to Newcastle. It was won in 2017 by The Other Reg, a son of Razldazl Jayfkay trained by Pat Rosney.

Newcastle has a circumference of 415 metres, with a 130 metre run to the first bend. Trainer Charlie Lister, who won the All England Cup in 1997 with Endon Tiger, in 1999 with Derbay Flyer, and in 2000 with Tobermorey Boy, has described the Newcastle as ‘a good galloping track which is better suited to railers’.

Here are my standard times for Newcastle:

‘A’ GRADES: 480m

A8: 30.13 (incomplete data)

A7: 29.97

A6: 29.77

A5: 29.63

A4: 29.48

A3: 29.28

A2: 29.16

A1: 28.89

‘S’ GRADES: 640m

S1: rarely used

‘D’ GRADES: 290m

D3: 17.61 (incomplete data)

D2: 17.40

D1: 17.21 (incomplete data)

‘P’ (Puppy) GRADES: 480m

P4: infrequently used

P3: 29.53 (incomplete data)

P2: rarely used


480m: 29.28

640m: 39.44 (incomplete data)


290m: rarely used

480m: infrequently used

640m: rarely used

670m: rarely used

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