Focus on Perry Barr

Greyhound racing at Perry Barr had, for many years, taken place at Birchfield, in the north of Birmingham, at a stadium originally built for Birchfield Harriers, an athletics club. The sand track there was well regarded, being 450 yards in circumference, very wide and with well-constructed bends. It was also the first stadium outside London to install photo-finish equipment. In 1946 the prestigious Birmingham Cup was won by Monday News, who went on to win the Derby at White City later in the year. Mondays News wasn’t very big but he was clever and had amazing trackcraft, always looking for the shortest route home. Another Birmingham Cup winner was Model Dasher, who in 1944 also won the substitute St Leger. In later years trainer Barbara Tomkins ran a very useful dog at Perry Barr in Instant Gambler, winner of the Wood Lane Stakes at White City in 1978.

In 1976 the stadium was taken over by Ladbrokes who, in their wisdom, closed it in 1984. However in 1990 a consortium, the Perry Barr Greyhound Racing Club, developed a site on Aldridge Road, close to Perry Barr railway station, and greyhound racing returned to the area. The venture got off to a good start when Perry Barr trainer Geoff DeMulder won the Derby with Fearless Mustang in 1991.

In 2005 the Greyhound Racing Association bought the track, and moved the classic competition, the Scurry Gold Cup, to Perry Barr. The race had had several homes, including Clapton, Slough and Catford. However, its stay at Perry Barr was short-lived, as in 2009 the GRA transferred it to Belle Vue. The Birmingham Cup had continued at the new stadium, but survived only until 2009. It was therefore a great boost for the track when, on the closure of Wimbledon in 2016, Perry Barr was chosen to stage the St Leger, as important a race for staying greyhounds as the horse race after which it’s named. The 2017 winner was Ruby’s Rascal, a black son of Razldazl George trained by Mark Wallis. It remains to be seen whether the St Leger will have a long-term future at Perry Barr.

Here are my standard times for Perry Barr:

‘A’ GRADES (480m)

A9: 30.15

A8: 29.76

A7: 29.52

A6: 29.36

A5: 29.22

A4: 29.11

A3: 29.05

A2: 28.91

A1: 28.70 (incomplete data)

‘D’ GRADES (275m)

D4: 16.72 (incomplete data)

D3: 16.54 (incomplete data)

D2: 16.39 (incomplete data)


480m: 29.18


275m: 16.27 (incomplete data)

480m: 28.59

660m: 40.51 (incomplete data)

710m: rarely used

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