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'If you are tired of regularly throwing money away and are ready to enter the disciplined, almost studious world of Steve Sugden, then I couldn’t recommend it more' (Phil Donaldson, Racing Post)

That’s the verdict of one of the Racing Post’s most respected greyhound experts (Racing Post review, February 7th, 2010). Elsewhere in his article, Donaldson writes:

'Sugden .... has clearly spent many hours honing his punting strategy for the purpose of both personal profit and this publication'

Commenting on the comprehensive nature of Greyhound Racing : Make It Pay, Donaldson goes on to say:

'Sugden not only goes into great detail in outling his methodical process, but backs it up with illustrated examples of his racecard rating system, performance graphs et al.'

So what can you expect from Greyhound Racing : Make It Pay? These are only a few of the aspects of greyhound form covered:

1. Why greyhound racing is, in my opinion, the best betting medium

As an equine chiropractor, I’ve worked extensively with racehorses. In my job I’ve often been privy to ‘inside information’ about racehorses. Over the years I’ve accumulated dozens of books on horse race betting – and I’ve read them all! Yet, in recent years, I’ve rarely bet on horses. I bet almost exclusively on greyhounds for a very good reason: betting on greyhounds allows me to win consistently. For any punter, the ability to win money on a consistent basis must be the holy grail of betting. I have proved to my entire satisfaction that greyhound racing offers an unparalleled opportunity to do just that. The interpretation of greyhound form is much more straightforward than that of horse race form or, indeed, of any other betting medium.

2. Essential tools for assessing greyhound form and betting on your selections

The online betting exchanges allow the punter to back a dog to win or lay it to lose. Greyhound Racing : Make It Pay shows you how to do both successfully. The internet is an indispensable weapon in our armoury, since it gives us all the information we need to bet professionally, and the means – via the exchanges – to turn that information into profit. Greyhound Racing : Make It Pay advises on the essential websites to use.

3. Applying business principles to your betting

Successful betting, like any money-making activity, demands a businesslike approach. I have identified five areas where business practices can – and should – be applied to greyhound selection and betting:

  • Specialisation
  • Record keeping
  • Preparation
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Psychological qualities
  • 4. Tracks

    What type of track provides the best opportunities for the serious greyhound punter? Greyhound Racing : Make It Pay analyses the characteristics of every track racing under Greyhound Board of Great Britain rules. It points out the drawbacks of some tracks and the advantages of others, and recommends the tracks where greyhounds have the best chance of a clear run. Of course, there will always be trouble of some sort in a greyhound race. That is the nature of the sport, and it has to be accepted. But it makes good sense to bet at those tracks where trouble is kept to a minimum and is, as far as possible, predictable. Greyhound Racing : Make It Pay tells you which tracks provides these conditions.

    5. Maintaining a form book

    In horse racing the form book is the punter’s bible. Because of the huge volume of greyhound form, greyhound racing has no annual form book, and most punters have to rely on a dog’s last five or six races as given on the racecard. For the serious punter whose aim is to win consistently this information, though useful, is inadequate. In many cases it’s just the tip of an iceberg of form that is hidden beneath the surface, ready to sink without trace any bets struck on the basis of the few lines of form available. Greyhound Racing : Make It Pay not only shows you where and how to access a greyhound’s lifetime form. It also explains how you can build up your own formbook, concentrating on those tracks and grades that you’ve chosen to specialise in. Then it guides you, step by step, through one of the most crucial aspects of assessing greyhound form: how to convert a dog’s racetimes into timefigures, which allow clear comparisons between dogs to be made. You will also learn how to calculate and use sectional times (the time it takes a greyhound, after leaving the traps, to reach the winning line first time around). This is a vital guide to a dog’s early pace and its ability to get a clear run.

    6. Form Waves

    A greyhound’s form is cyclical. It may maintain a good level of form for, say, three to six weeks, after which its form will tail off, and it will perform at a lower level for a time. There could be any number of reasons for this. Greyhound Racing : Make It Pay analyses the form cycles of several greyhounds with the aid of annotated graphs.

    7. Using the form book to analyse a race

    As with most things in life, preparation is the key to success in betting. This chapter takes you through the procedure to follow when planning a bet, from checking advance racecards, through updating a dog’s lifetime formsheet, to preparing the final summary sheet used to make the final selection. There are two decisions to make:

  • Is the race fit to play, or is it so tightly graded that any one of the dogs could win it?
  • If the race is fit to play, which dog(s) are you going to back/lay?
  • 8. Money Management

    Selecting the right dogs to back or lay is the first, crucial, step on the road to betting success. Just as important, though, is knowing how to manage your money so that you maximise your returns. The final chapter of Greyhound Racing : Make It Pay provides valuable advice on sensible staking, including:

  • Setting aside a betting bank
  • Level or average stake?
  • Setting a minimum price at which to bet
  • The best type of bet
  • Backing more than one dog in a race
  • Setting a stop-loss figure

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