Scurlogue Champ

Scurlogue Champ

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What a character Scurlogue Champ was! Greyhound racing was rather in the doldrums in the 1980’s, but Ballyregan Bob (q.v.) and Scurlogue Champ came to the rescue, providing by their exploits the positive publicity that the sport needed. Bob was a real racing machine, churning out win after win with his pace, courage and trackcraft. Scurlogue Champ also had those attributes in abundance but chose to use them in his own inimitable and idiosyncratic way. Racing mainly over 6 or 8 bends, Scurlogue Champ would show no interest in taking part in the race until it was nearly over. He would trail the field, virtually tailed off until, when all seemed lost, he would turn on the turbo-charger. Occasionally he left it too late, but most of the time his incredible speed and stamina would propel him to the finishing line in front. These tactics won him 51 races out of the 63 he contested in Britain, and no less than twenty track records. His victories included the BBC Television Trophy over 815 metres at Wolverhampton on two occasions, and the classic Cesarewitch over 853 metres at Belle Vue. Only once did he run against Ballyregan Bob, over 710 metres at Wembley. Unfortunately Scurlogue Champ broke down and was unable to finish the race.

Whelped in July 1982, Scurlogue Champ was a black dog by the American sire Sand man. He was owned and trained by Ken Peckham, a Norfolk haulage contractor. Fertility problems at stud prevented ‘Duke’, as he was known at home, from passing on his unconventional talents.

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